Accidents Happen – It Pays to Be Prepared

Transportation insurance based in Mesa, AZ and Serving Over 28 States

Whether you’re an owner-operator, have a business running your authority or have others running under yours. everyone can agree that accidents are bound to happen. They rarely happen when it’s convenient and they are never planned – that’s why it’s imperative you have the right kind of insurance before you or your employees get behind the wheel.

We understand your risk, whether you are dry box, reefer, flat bed, step-deck etc., we know and understand your world and what coverage and filings need to be in place for the FMCSA and USDOT authorities.

Oracle Insurance Group, Inc provides transportation insurance for:

  • Large trucking companies
  • Private airports
  • Airline companies
  • Private automobiles
  • Transportation companies

Oracle Insurance Group, Inc. based in Mesa, AZ by calling 623-777-9728 to schedule a consultation.